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The North American Passive House community gathered in Vancouver this October at NAPHN15 to celebrate a number of recent successes.  A significant number of new projects have been built across North America and many more,... Read more
Perfect window- smaller
One Sky Homes Design Director, Bronwyn Barry, is sought out for her specialist knowledge on windows and doors.  She was invited to deliver a keynote plenary for the North American Forest Product's Wood Window and Door Conference... Read more
Asynchronous Air Circulation - IPHC 2015
Allen delivered the following presentation at the International Passive House Conference in Leipzig, Germany, in April 2015.  It was very well received and the Passive House Institute has requested permission to study this design... Read more
Presentation by Building America and PG&E partner Davis Energy Group of energy performance data collected by monitoring of the Cottle ZNE project designed and built by One Sky Homes. The Cottle home is shown to surpass Zero... Read more
Presented at the Passive House Institute US conference, Denver 2012. Read more
New age building performance with Passive House Design. MIT Alumni Group - March 2014 at Magic Passive House Read more