2014 Year In Review

Happy 2015 to you all!  We’re back in the office and gearing up for another great year, but before we launch that rocket, we’d like to take a moment for a quick glance in the rearview mirror of 2014, before it’s too far behind us…

Press:              In early 2014 the San Jose Mercury News ran two feature articles on our projects; one on the Cottle Net Zero Energy Passive House, and the other on our Sunnyvale Retrofit.  These were wonderfully written and we appreciated the coverage.

Projects:          We spent the early part of 2014 designing our latest project in Contra Costa County. Our clients requested a New England Colonial Passive House, which we’re adapting to our sunny California climate.  We’re also excited to be working on a similar project in Pescadero, which we hope will break ground in mid-2015.

Awards:           One Sky Homes was both floored and flattered to not only receive a 2014 Housing Innovation Award from the US Department of Energy, but to be named the overall Grand Winner.  Allen had a great time visiting St. Louis, Missouri, to collect a large chunk of crystal from Sam Rashkin, the US DOE Chief Architect. 

Conferences:   2014 was another busy year attending and presenting at Passive House events across the country.  Earlier in 2014 we attended and spoke at the Passive House California Annual Conference in Santa Cruz.  Bronwyn followed our UK guest up to Portland and presented on policy advancement in California.  In the fall, Allen spoke at the PHIUS Conference in Burlingame, while Bronwyn co-hosted the North American Passive House Network Conference in Portland, Maine.

Performance: One Sky Homes is making a name for ourselves because we like to keep track of the performance of our projects.  We’re delighted to report that all our client’s homes remained terrifically comfortable, despite one of the hottest summers on record here in California.  Their energy bills are also right where we predicted: at rock bottom.

We hope you enjoyed a comfortable, warm and peaceful Holiday Season.  We’re looking forward to a bumper year of high performance adventures in 2015!