Feeling a Bit of Swagger...

We’re coming up for air here after a marathon permit-submittal session on an exciting new project, followed by back-to-back conferences.  We have very exciting news to share: One Sky Homes just received a very prestigious 2014 Housing Innovation Award from the US Department of Energy. Allen joined an impressive lineup of custom and production homebuilders at a special ceremony hosted by the DOE in St Louis, Missouri. We were honored to be in such good company and then stunned to receive the overall Grand Prize Award in the custom homebuilder section.


The guy in the photo handing Allen the award is Sam Rashkin, Chief Architect of the Building Technologies Division of the DOE. In his previous job at the Environmental Protection Agency, he invented the Energy Star program. Allen was privileged to sit on a panel with him at a recent conference.  (It’s great to hang out with smart people like this - our kind of R&D!)

Bronwyn and Allen each attended and spoke at two high performance building conferences in September. We continue to build our knowledge base; conduct research and development on new best practices, materials, sources, etc. to invest in each of our current and future projects.  Right now though, we’re walking with just a tiny bit more swagger.

DOE Grand Award 2014Sam Rashkin & Allen Gilliland at DOE Grand Award Ceremony