Official: Plus Energy Performance

While the market is still figuring out exactly what 'NET ZERO ENERGY' for homes really means, One Sky Homes is blazing a new trail deep into 'Plus Energy' territory.  The official report now circulating on our Cottle Project reveals some pretty impressive results.  The data is based on monitoring by The Davis Energy Group, originally funded by the Department of Energy, and now by Pacific Gas and Electric.  Their first report covered eight months during 2012 and focussed on overall performance of the building and the specific mechanical systems installed in this project.  The home was occupied for only three and a half months but continuously heated/cooled to between 72-74 deg. during this tracking period. The PV system generated 199% of the electrical useage.  (Yes, that's not a typo: 199%!)

The most recent report is based on the first six months of usage (March-August) in 2013 by the current homeowners, a family of five. The PV system generated 105% of total occupant electrical usage INCLUDING daily charging of their electric vehicle which accounted for 28% of usage.

These results suggest that on an annual basis this home will be dramatically Plus energy with over 90% of Electric Vehicle energy being provided by the solar PV system on the roof. With Time of Use Net Metering this means little or no incremental cost. Wow! We'll be sure to upload the complete official 2013 report as soon as it comes out with an analysis of EV charging economics.  With this data One Sky Homes can comfortably claim that our Cottle Project is making a very positive contribution to our community.

Graphics courtesy of Davis Energy Group report: Cottle Residential Monitoring Draft Performance Evauation Report: CW A#2500684250