PHI to Study One Sky Homes Ventilation Designs

Allen in LeipzigAllen and Bronwyn both made the pilgrimage to Germany this year to attend the 19th International Passive House Conference. It was held in Leipzig this year, in the northeast part of the country, formally a part of the communist DDR.

Traveling is always educational.  Mostly we do the learning, but this trip Allen was also able to share some of the knowledge we have gained from designing and building Passive House projects here in California over the past four years.  Allen presented a paper at the conference on ‘Asynchronous Ventilation Design.’  His session was well attended, most notably by Dr. Wolfgang Feist himself. 

Dr. Feist sat up front to be sure to catch all the info Allen shared regarding the economical ventilation system designs we’ve implemented in our One Sky Homes projects.  Thanks to our partnership with the Department of Energy and Davis Energy Group, we’re fortunate to have loads of monitoring data to verify the effectiveness of these designs.

As a follow-up to this session, the Passive House Institute (PHI) has requested permission to study our designs further.  Allen has been collaborating with the scientists at PHI and sharing the equipment details that he has been using.  Interestingly for them, the simple bath fans that we’ve used to help distribute fresh air around our buildings are a product uniquely distributed on the American market, and not available in Europe.  It’s great to be able to demonstrate that with some creativity and original thinking, Passive House can be locally adapted, using equipment readily available in our local market.

Allen’s presentation may be viewed on our website here.

Bronwyn Barry

May, 2015