Better Process

Better Process Graphic

  • Building projects are long and complex, particularly when goals include superior building performance. The traditional "Design | Bid | Build" approach is serial, fragmented, inefficient and highly prone to mistakes, poor value and poor building quality. In short, traditional approaches to modern, high-performance building projects are risky and ineffective.


  • "Integrated Design-Build" evolved to answer the shortcomings of the traditional process when applied to more complex modern buildings. The Design-Build project model stresses early formation of a complete team and integration of all critical knowledge during the earliest design phase. It is a coherent and collaborative approach vs the traditional fragmented, serial approach where the designers never talk to the builders until it is too late or costly to change anything ...dumb.


  • With Integrated Design-Build construction knowledge infuses the entire design process. Design decisions are informed by alternative building approaches, early estimates and construction models. Buildings are "Value-Engineered" to maximize client budget value and building performance.