Business Model

One Sky Homes designs and builds superior dwellings. We create better buildings with a better team, tools and process. Our business model focuses on six essential elements to drive superior results:


Collaboration graphicCollaboration

Continuous, open, knowledge-and-information-rich communication amongst project stakeholders to inform design, planning, execution, problem-solving, and client-centric decision making.

Early, inclusive team formation to establish a knowledge-rich collaboration framework, maximize collaboration capital and integrative design benefits throughout the project life cycle.

Advanced, cloud-based tools platform to facilitate ultra-efficient team collaboration from early conceptual design through pre-Move In punch lists. 


Transparency Graphic



Trusted partnership formation and client engagement through transparent project management, subcontracting and accounting.

Client integration into a transparent and collaborative project management process with shared task, schedule and budget management tools visible and updatable in real time.

Continuous client access to project documents and data through our cloud-based tool platform.


Building Science GraphicBuilding Science

Whole-systems building design optimization through application of the fundamental physics and mathematics of thermal heat transfer, moisture movement, latitude and climate.

Technical designs based on rigorous application of current Building Science as expressed in research data, standards and best practice documents by authoritative sources such as the US Department of Energy Building America program; American National Standards Institute (ANSI); American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE); US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Passive House Institute (PHI), Building Green, Building Science Corporation (BSC) and other authoritative sources.

Applied systems engineering for solar control, shading analysis, ventilation, heating/cooling, air/water/thermal control boundaries in building assemblies and more using advanced design and modeling tools.

Continuous building science and engineering knowledge development through active R&D partnerships, building performance measurement and analysis, and active participation in regional, national and international building science and performance related conferences.


Integration GraphicDesign-Build Integration

Form complete collaborative teams early and use OSH's integrated tools and process to infuse expert knowledge capital into design.

Integrate building performance and construction knowledge into the early design phase to inform critical choices.

Use historical cost data and construction experience to start construction cost estimating early in the design phase and facilitate Value Engineering of alternative building approaches to optimize budget value.

Reduce the complexity, time, cost and risk of construction through superior design and specification documents generated by the integrated design team.


Performance GraphicBuilding Performance

Design, engineer and build with rigorous building performance goals in all categories: health, comfort, energy and water efficiency, durability and sustainability.

Design and construct "energy balanced" buildings so efficient they can be heated with a hair dryer.

Focus on proven advanced building performance standards such as Passive House and Zero Net Energy.

Measure and evaluate building performance through detailed monitoring and data collection of built projects. Use results to make continuous refinements  and develop building performance knowledge capital for future application.

Incorporate detailed best practices and guidelines for building performance and sustainability articulated in leading programs including Passive House, EPA Indoor Air Plus, LEED and Green Point Rated.

Form follows function. Focus uncompromising attention on creating superior aesthetics without compromising superior building performance.




We know from experience that homes built through One Sky Home's integrated design-build process will meet or exceed the highest building performance standards in existence. Each client and project may elect to pursue different levels of performance based on preference, budget and existing building conditions.

Subject to client choices, existing conditions and certain limitations related to cause or occupant neglect, One Sky Homes will guarantee:


  • Indoor Air Quality: Meet or exceed EPA's Indoor Air Plus standards
  • Thermal comfort: Average room-to-room temperature variations of <2ºF
  • Energy Efficiency: Combined annual heating/cooling/ventilation costs of <$1.50/day (avg. indoor ambient temp. 72ºF)
  • Passive House: Certification and actual performance to within 10% of modeled performance. Home can be heated with a hair dryer.
  • Net Zero Energy: Net Zero energy performance to within 10% of modeled zero energy performance for forecasted energy loads
  • Durability: 30 year building envelope durability guarantee. One Sky Homes are guaranteed to endure much longer than your mortgage.