Integrated Design Build ServicesOne Sky Homes offers a full array of design, project consulting and construction services focused on high-performance residential buildings. Because of our focus on and passion for high-performance building we are advocates of the integrated design/build approach to managing building projects. This approach yields substantial benefits and is essential to achieving successful outcomes in advanced projects such as Zero Energy, Passive House or LEED/GPR homes.

One Sky Homes offers a fully integrated package of services from initial design to completed construction. The key for the project owner/sponsor is that there is a seamless process from start to finish.  This aggregates all interdependent design and construction disciplines into a coherent development process from conceptual sketches through design development and detailed construction documents to final construction phases.

We may also perform a supporting or collaborative role on projects with outside architects.

Ideally a project owner will come to One Sky Homes at the early conceptual stages of the project. Depending on the design requirements of the project, OSH will provide comprehensive in-house design services or, if clients prefer, work with independent architects of the client's choosing. OSH provides the best value for clients when leading a project using our integrated Design/Build process and tools.

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