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Integrated Design Build ServicesOne Sky Homes offers a full array of design, project consulting and construction services focused on high-performance residential buildings. Because of our focus and passion for high-performance building we are advocates of the integrated design/build approach to managing building projects. This approach is essential to achieving successful outcomes in advanced projects such as Zero Energy, Passive House or LEED/GPR homes.

One Sky Homes offers a fully integrated package of services from initial design to completed construction. The key for the project owner/sponsor is that there is a seamless process from start to finish.  This aggregates all interdependent design and construction disciplines into a coherent project execution process from conceptual design through design development and detailed construction documents to final construction phases. We may also perform a supporting or collaborative role on other projects, depending on project circumstances.

Ideally a project owner will come to One Sky Homes at the early conceptual stages of the project. Depending on the design requirements of the project, OSH will provide comprehensive in-house design services or, if appropriate, work with independent architects. OSH provides the best value for clients when leading a project using our integrated Design/Build process and tools.


Design Collaboration

Design StyleOur range of service options include any and all of the following:

Conceptual Planning and Performance Specifications

Architectural Design and 3D Space Modeling

Advanced Building Envelope and Systems Design

Building Performance and Energy Efficiency Analysis

Energy Usage Modeling

Passive House Modeling and design consulting

HVAC systems design and specification

Materials recommendations



Planning, scheduling, estimating


Construction Management and reporting



Ying Yang BalanceAll design activities above

Comfort engineering and analysis

Value engineering and analysis

Passive House modeling and design consulting

Existing plans review and performance analysis

Construction cost and feasibility review

Construction Plans Adequacy Review

LEED and Green Point Rated Planning


Project Management

Complete Integrated Design/Build Project Management

Construction Management


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The earlier we are involved in a project, the more value we can contribute.