Clients choose Architectural Style

One Sky Homes projects reflect client tastes.  Our portfolio illustrates the ability to interpret and deliver a diverse range of architectural styles.  We’ve designed everything from European Modern, to Craftsman, to Suburban Ranch. Independent of architectural style, sublime comfort and performance is a unique signature of every home.

Before After

Sunnyvale Before ImageValley Forge Passive House Front


Building and site determine options

For new buildings there are few constraints. Clients can express themselves freely with bold modern, understated traditional, or eclectic and transitional styles in between. For remodels, the existing form, structure and location of the home will inform style choices. Remodel projects can reinforce, reinterpret or completely transform existing architectural building style in new ways.  

Style Detail Bathroom Tile  Style Detail Cottle Stair


Details Matter

Artistic expression and quality is ultimately expressed in thoughtfully designed and crafted architectural details. Contrasting shapes, color, line, textures with rich natural materials, stylish hardware and accessories create deep artistic and personal connections to the space. One Sky Homes designers and craftsmen are passionate about creating custom details that complement client tastes and lifestyle. Textured tile-work, a mix of wood species and a bold color ‘punch’ on a single wall are a few of our favorites. 

Detail Moore Cabinet Detail Moore Room Divider